Calling food tech heroes!

You know how you’ve been busy creating that amazing food, drink or technology and contributing to the future of food tech? Isn’t it time that everyone else knew about it too?

We certainly think it's your turn to shine, which is why we’ve launched the brand new FoodTalk Show Awards. These aren’t just any old awards for any old products – we’re sending out a klaxon call to all the dreamers, the disruptors, the crazy geniuses, the misfits of food tech who aren’t afraid to try something new. It’s your time to get the recognition you deserve!

The awards scene is bristling with accolades for traditional food and drink, but we’re looking to reward the people who are really pushing the boundaries and taking food tech forward. Here at The FoodTalk Show, we get to meet some of the most exciting people in the business and we can’t let their game-changing work go unrewarded. If you’re doing something new and thrilling in the sector, you need to enter these awards and let the world know just how downright brilliant your business really is.

Whether you’re doing great things in the free-from market, creating flavour combinations from heaven or developing the smart kitchen tech that’s changing the way we cook and live – these awards are for YOU.

Not only will there be a glitzy awards ceremony to enjoy, we’ll also be giving every winner the chance to become an international radio star. The victor in each category will feature in an hour-long The FoodTalk Show Special, broadcasting to ravenous foodies in the UK, Malta and the USA. Now how’s that for a prize?

Entries open on March 7, so hurry over to our dedicated Awards website to find out more and sign up for the latest updates. Oh, and keep tuning into The FoodTalk Show every Thursday at 4pm or downloading the podcast for further news – it’s going to be a blast!


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