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Beer is big business and we all like a pint, but do you really know what goes into your drinks? It turns out that you may have been sipping on something a bit sneakier than a cheeky half and most of us never suspected a thing.

The first recipe for beer is nearly 4000 years old and I think everyone knows what goes into a barrel to make a good brew - malt, barley, hops and yeast, right? Right. Oh, and fish. Yup. There's probably something fishy about your beer.

It's not a new thing, in fact it's been a key ingredient used to make your favourite brew more attractive (debatable!) since about the 19th Century, so why all the current chatter and outrage about unwittingly drinking swim bladder gelatine?

Well, obviously vegetarians and vegans who like a drink aren't keen on inadvertently guzzling things which used to have a face, but it's been fairly common knowledge in the veggie community for ages, and they have websites and all sorts to help them make better booze based choices - an annoying, but rather widely accepted fact. It turns out though, it's not just vegetarians that don't want extra unnecessary ingredients in their drinks and the unpleasant taste has spread.

We do live in an age now where information is more readily available and people are becoming more aware of just exactly what it is they're consuming, and funnily enough, thinking your nice cold pint is contaminated with fish guts for purely aesthetic reasons doesn't sit too well with the general populous.

So, what can we do about these sorts of things? Well, you can heavily research all of your drinks, or campaign for brewers to be more transparent about their ingredients, or you could make your own. Brewing your own beer isn't such an out of reach idea now, especially not with companies like Straight Up Drinks creating brewing systems like The Craftmaster - a self-contained and computer controlled little number - meaning you can make your own beer, to your own tastes and with complete control over what goes in it. Amazing!

If you know anyone else who is coming up with innovative ways to enable us all to have more control over what we're putting in our mouths, let us know. We'd love to hear about them. Give us a call on 01233 224 889

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