Tomorrow’s World Is Here

As the iconic TV show makes a return, The FoodTalk Awards celebrate the pioneers who are already changing the future of food

For those who remember watching Tomorrow’s World, the BBC’s weekly glimpse of things to come, there will be many fond memories of weird, wacky and downright bonkers creations that never did darken the doors of British homes. But the show also predicted some tech that has become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives – chip and pin, touch screens and mobile phones among them.

Most importantly, the programme featured the products and services that had begun life in the dreams of their creators. Whether they caught on or not was really beside the point – these were pioneers who were unafraid to dream big and fall hard, in the pursuit of perfection. And many of them succeeded in changing the way we live, work, play and eat forever. 

This spirit of innovation is the reason why we launched The FoodTalk Awards and now that the finalists have been chosen, it’s time for the party! We’ll be handing out the trophies at the stunning OXO2 restaurant at London’s OXO Tower on Monday 12 June – which just so happens to be the first day of London Tech Week.

Join us to celebrate the dreamers and pioneers who are changing the future of food – and enjoy a sparkling wine reception, amazing three-course meal and top guest speakers too! You’ll also have the chance to sample some of the most innovative food and drink products around, before casting your vote for the ‘people’s choice’ award.

Be part of the innovation nation and book your tickets here today – and if you’re cooking up a storm in food tech, packaging, technology or food journalism, make sure you enter next year!

In the meantime we’d love to hear about your food tech adventures, so contact the team on 01233 224889 or to tell us all about it.

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