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Provision for vegans in the UK is getting better, but they want faster service

Provision for vegans in the UK is getting better, but they want faster service

For those among us who don’t eat animal products, progress towards a more equitable food market has been pretty slow over the decades. But in the last few years, a general movement embracing more discerning, ‘flexitarian’ diets has seen vegan consumers finally receiving some long-awaited attention from food manufacturers.

Debate will continue to rage about whether excluding meat, fish and dairy from your diet is actually ‘healthier’ or not, but with the demand for alternatives growing even from non-vegans, innovators are seeing an opportunity to expand the market. Figures from Mintel’s Global New Products Database reveal that vegan product launches soared by 185% between 2012 and 2016. Now even high street restaurant chains are getting in on the action by adding vegan-friendly dishes to their menus.

The need for ‘grab and go’ vegan food

But there is still much work to do. According to a survey of 2,500 UK vegans by The Vegan Society, over 90% of respondents still have big trouble finding something to munch when on the move. There is clearly no shortage of sandwiches, snacks and fast food suitable for vegetarians and meat-eaters, but a lack of ‘grab and go’ grub has been identified as one of the toughest challenges of observing a vegan diet.

On discovering that nine out of 10 want faster food, The Vegan Society launched its Vegan on the Go campaign to bring attention to this neglected niche in the market.

This all suggests that animal-friendly lifestyles are here to stay, but innovators will have to get cooking if they want to grab their share of the (vegan) pie.

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