Festive food wars

Christmas can be a social minefield, but let’s show a united front over food waste

This week, an American mother came under fire for tenaciously charging her family $21 (£17) per head to enjoy Christmas dinner at her house. A forum post by her disgruntled daughter-in-law went viral, with the accompanying comments covering the full spectrum of opinion, from “What a grinch!” to “Fair play, catering is expensive!” 

Invitation etiquette aside, there’s one by-product of the festive season that tends to make most people see red: food waste. On The FoodTalk Show, we’re no strangers to this huge global issue and the heroic efforts that innovators are making to tackle it. We’ve often sung the praises of brilliant food sharing app OLIO, which helps individuals and businesses swap food in their local community – if you’re not familiar with the revolutionary idea, check out our podcast chat here and their website www.olioex.com.

 Other companies doing their bit to cut down on food waste include Too Good To Go, based in Scotland. It is estimated that nearly 100,000 edible meals are thrown out every day by restaurants across the country. To combat this, the free app alerts users to food outlets that have unsold food, which would otherwise be thrown out. Users get to purchase the food at a reduced price and businesses see less going into the bin. We think that’s a win all round!

So, if you’re clearing up on Boxing Day and you feel like you can’t even look at another mince pie, don’t head straight for the dustbin. Check out how technology can help you share the grub this year and give the planet a Christmas present that really matters.

Are you working on tech to combat food waste? Let us know on hello@foodtalk.co.uk.

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