Bubbles without the booze

The growing demand for great non-alcoholic drinks has been among our topics of conversation this month.

On The FoodTalk Show, we rounded off February with a spicy chat about all things exotic and fragrant.

Although the UK imports 83 million tonnes of spices per year, 40% of UK residents don’t cook international cuisine. This prompted the hosts to discuss their favourite spices, before moving on to the hot topic of palm oil. Simon Griffiths of Meridian Foods told us why the company has decided not to use palm oil in their product range – check out the February 28 show to hear the full story.

With the arrival of spring prompting lots of people to freshen up their health and diet regimes, we thought it was time to focus on booze-free beverages. Apparently, nearly a quarter of millennials don’t drink alcohol and more people are choosing to abstain or cut down, so why are non-alcohol drinkers so poorly catered for in bars and restaurants?

Laura Willoughby of Club Soda and Chris Beech of Luhv Drinks dropped into our March 7 show to tell us how they’re helping people to stay on the wagon with delicious, health-conscious options.

Combining the heat of watercress and the chill of iced coffee might seem strange, but it made for a fascinating March 14 episode. Jimmy Cregan, the brains behind Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, told us how a trip to Australia inspired his highly successful venture that aims to take on Starbucks. Plus, James Harper from The Watercress Company explained why everyone should be growing and consuming watercress.

You know what this whole Brexit business needs? A unique London-inspired drink with a Sicilian influence – this is “Brexit’s dream”, according to co-host Ollie. If you want to find out why, you’ll need to listen to the March 21 episode, when Rob Berry of Asterley Bros brought his incredible ‘hybrid amaro’ into the studio for us to try.

We also discussed the growing trend in plant-based diets and why so many of us are trying to eat more health-conscious meals on a regular basis.

Happy listening!

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