Goats, gin and gourmet trends

All these topics and more have been explored on The FoodTalk Show this month

Here on The FoodTalk Show, we love to try new things and have our preconceptions challenged. So, we started October in adventurous style by inviting Shann Jones of Chuckling Goat to tell us more about kefir.

 Shann wasn’t kidding when she said her goat’s milk kefir had a distinctive taste, but you’ll have to listen again to our 3 October episode to find out whether Sue and Ollie were kefir converts by the end of the show. Also, don’t miss business growth advisor Rekha Mehr’s top tips on the food trends of tomorrow.

We went back to basics for the 10 October show, which saw Fiona Esom of Product Chain discussing the benefits of bone broth. Much of the food knowledge that our ancestors had has been lost or abandoned over the years, but she believes there’s still a lot of value in time-honoured recipes

Also keen to shake things up is Paul Mathew, a bartender who created the plant-based aperitif Everleaf to add another dimension to the non-alcoholic drinks market.

Maarten Ooms from FoodBytes! joined us on 17 October to tell us all about the incredible pitching event, which comes to London on 7 November. Providing a brilliant showcase for food and agriculture start-ups, the event connects innovators with investors to help them get the support they need. Plus, Sue and Ollie had the chance to try the fabulous Italian sour liqueur, Italicus –  belíssimo!

Sue and Ollie had no trouble keeping their gins – sorry, chins – up on 24 October when experts from Porter’s Gin and Pinkster Gin dropped in with their tempting wares.

Finally, we rounded off the month with a fantastic Halloween edition that featured The Wasabi Company and Beer Hawk Fresh. The show has plenty of surprises, but fortunately no frights!

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