Fine things in life

This month we’ve indulged in delicacies and met the food heroes of tomorrow

Sue, Ollie and Holly have experienced some of the finer things in life this month, starting with an exploration of that most divisive of delicacies: truffles.

Ollie wasn’t a huge fan at the start of the 7 November show, so listen in to find out whether Truffle Hunter’s array of truffle-based treats could change his mind. Plus, if you find nutritional information baffling, you’ll be interested to hear about Check Your Food’s solution for making healthy choices.

On 14 November the discussion was all about convenience and reducing food waste, as we heard from Gousto – the company that tries to combine both these desirable concepts. By delivering the precise ingredients for an array of recipes direct to customers’ doors, Gousto is taking on the supermarkets and boasts an impressive waste rate of just 0.35% in its supply chain and factory 

The spotlight was on cordials during the 21 November episode, as the team received an education about these time-honoured but underrated beverages. Urban Cordial is not only making a big splash with flavours, the company has also saved over 40 tonnes of surplus fruit from going to landfill.

We paid a visit to tomorrow’s world on 28 November, when two emerging food heroes dropped in to say hello. First up was Melissa Snover from Nourish3d, whose personalised 3D printed nutrition stack technology earned the Supreme Champion crown at the Future Food Awards.

She was joined by Bianca-Tia Mesuria, this year’s winner of the prestigious Julia Child Scholarship, which is run by Le Cordon Bleu. Will she be the next big-name celebrity chef? Watch this space…

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