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Baby it's cold outside

Baby it's cold outside

Duration: 38 minutes
  • Seed & Bean Chocolate
  • Coconuts Naturally

It’s absolutely freezing outside, snow has covered most of Scotland and so we should have invited somebody who makes stew, hot chocolate or something like that…but Coconuts Naturally are producing such damn good ice cream that we just had to invite Cecily Mills into the studio. We're fighting ice with more ice. 

100% organic, 100% vegan…their reputation for creamy excellence is growing too. The South West made treats are already available in Ocado and expect to see more of them as the mercury starts to rise.

From Ice Cream to chocolate (a warning to diabetics). Our other guest is producing comfort food which is just as good. We admit it's not hot although it does give a warm glow.

Oli Shorts (another Oliver in the studio) came to visit us with his amazing Seed & Bean Chocolate. They don’t specialise in just one variety; white, mild, dark, pure cacao – they are producing brilliant chocolate bars across the board.

We hope you find this podcast as sweet as we do…

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