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Food & Drink Expo 2018 - part 2

Food & Drink Expo 2018 - part 2

Duration: 1 hour
  • James Eagle - The Pished Fish
  • Peter Winkler - Bury Black Pudding
  • Kate Dempsey - Kinsale Mead
  • Malcolm Ferris-Lay - Make Mine a Builder's
  • Barnes Edwards - The Garlic Farm
  • Martin Chudleigh - Dalebrook

As with most expos that we visit, just one highlights show doesn’t seem to be enough – so we are delighted to present some more fantastic interviews from the Food & Drink Expo 2018.

Sue Nelson gives you the lowdown on her favourite companies from the second day of interviewing and, as always, we’ve got a mixed bag.

From tea and coffee to boozy fish and black pudding – you wouldn’t want all of that on your plate at one time but we find it makes for a great podcast.

We’ll be back with the normal show format next week.

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