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Hungry cities

Hungry cities

Duration: 1 hour
  • Ben Jackson - Capsicana
  • Carolyn Steel - Hungry Cities Book

It’s National Curry Week and we don’t have any curry tasting on the show.  We are sorry, we have failed you – our listeners. However, what we lacked in curry, we made up for in chillies. Similar (or at least connected), right?

Sue Nelson and Ollie Lloyd were more than happy with the sizzle and spice of some fantastic South American cooking sauces instead. Ben Jackson has created the fabulous chili-based Capsicana brand which has made its way into Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. Perfection on the supermarket aisles.

From one spicy food to another, you don’t usually find chilli in popcorn. That was exactly the gap in the market that Chirag Karia saw – we heard the story of Ninas Popcorn at The Speciality Show a few weeks ago.

Speaking of stories, our last guest on FoodTalk this week is a renowned food writer. We discovered Carolyn Steel through her fantastic TED Talk on how food shapes our cities – based on her Hungry Cities book. Now, with a follow-up in the works, Carolyn came to the studio to lend her views on food sustainability.  


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