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Seaweed & spice

Seaweed & spice

Duration: 45 minutes
  • Craig Rose (Dr Seaweed) - Weed & Wonderful
  • Trusha Patel - The Spice Sanctuary

It all started with a story… the first few minutes of this podcast could easily be mistaken for an audiobook but, trust us, Sue’s true story about the French Soldiers in the Isle of Wight refusing to fight unless they’d had their garlic is relevant. Anyway, if the Brexit stories are to be believed, war and food could soon become commonplace!

Sue’s story is a pre-curser to our conversation with Dr Seaweed (seriously, he has a PhD in Marine Biology)… Dr Seaweed also goes by the name of Craig Rose. He’s come to the studio to tell us about his Weed & Wonderful brand. Their goal? They want to bring premium Scottish Seaweed to plates across the country. 

You’re probably thinking about crispy seaweed that you get from a Chinese takeaway at this point, but this is different (and better). While we aren’t ready to stomach a full plate of seaweed just yet, Craig explains how their healthy seaweed oil and capsules are gaining popularity in this country. Most importantly, it passes Sue’s taste test. 

From oil to spices (this is a bit of a pantry special) – did you know that there used to be wars over spices? Now the average foodie has up to 40 in their cupboard alone. Alas, we were delighted to finally chat to Trusha Patel. We first came across Spice Sanctuary over a year ago for our inaugural FoodTalk Awards – their spicy milk blends were certainly a new sensation for our palate, but certainly something that we think will take off. 

***Video won’t kill the radio star – however, we are delighted to say that this episode is also available on YouTube. Have a nose around the studio and see Sue & Ollie trying some seaweed and spices here.***

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