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Speciality and Fine Food 2017 (part 2)

Speciality and Fine Food 2017 (part 2)

Duration: 1 hour
  • Robert Fink - Big Drop Brewing Co.
  • Natasha Steele - Urban Cordial
  • Liz Beswick - Collagin
  • Steffi Smith - Chocolate Smiths
  • Shezad Aslam - Aagrah
  • Dominique Erickson - La Befana Beer Bread
  • Ben Cranes - Cranes

There were too many fantastic companies at the Speciality & Fine Food Show, so much so that one hour just didn’t cover it.

Alas, we’re back with another special episode which covers our highlights from the second day at Olympia. Variety is a key theme again, this time you’ll hear about everything from an anti-ageing Gin to a cheese & cracker flavoured chocolate. We may even be getting a letter from a Premier League footballer’s lawyer too. Fun times.

FoodTalk returns to its normal format next week, but for now enjoy this episode.


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