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The underground pantry

The underground pantry

Duration: 30 minutes
  • Suzie Walker - The Primal Pantry
  • Steven Dring - Growing Underground

World Cup mania has firmly gripped the country and it has coincided with the big UK heatwave; what a good old time we’re having at the moment. Fancy making it even better? We’ve got another cracking FoodTalk podcast for you.

Sticking with the football theme; we’ve got Ollie Lloyd, CEO of Great British Chefs, back from a long lay-off to lead the line with the ever-present Sue Nelson. They tend to have a few fallings out, but they get the job done.

Making their FoodTalk debut is Suzie Walker from The Primal Pantry. In a crowded market, these guys are really on their way to a snacking golden boot because they seem to pop-up whenever we need them across all the major supermarkets. Suzie tells us how she managed to kick it all off.

Our second guest is not a stranger to our squad, but this is the first-time that we’ve been able to scoop gold by getting him for a recording session in the studio. Steven Dring co-founded the amazing Growing Underground; they grow food right under your feet on the streets of London. Sounds bonkers, but is definitely brilliant.

With these fantastic guests; FoodTalk’s coming home.


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