Enter the awards

Ready to put your product or service in the spotlight and get the recognition you deserve? Great!

First of all, let’s check you’re eligible to enter…

  • Is your business based in the UK?
  • Have you been trading to the public for at least one year?
  • Have you created something new, fresh and exciting in food, drink, packaging or food-related technology?

If you can answer “yes” to all the above, you’re our sort of business!

Now, take a look at the categories for 2018 and decide which would be the best for your entry.

You may submit a product in more than one category if applicable, and you may enter as many products as you like. Please remember that you’re submitting one individual product or service per entry and it’ll be judged on its individual merits; we’re not judging your business as a whole.

Download the Application Form and important Application Notes here.

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