Food Innovation

Are you part of the innovation revolution?

Food innovation is a big part of creating new taste sensations, and if you're a food innovator you should be getting cash back for all that hard work. Developing different taste profiles, using new ingredients and extending shelf life isn’t easy, so why not access the government scheme that is designed to help you through it? The food business thrives on people like you coming forward with your creative and unconventional ideas. After all, caviar and chilli chocolate were the result of someone’s outside-the-box food innovation. Despite how unusual they originally sounded, they can now be found on a shelf in most supermarkets. 

Could your creation attract funding?

While others call it R&D tax credits, we just call it 'cash for innovation' - which is why we’re looking for food innovators to show us what they’ve got. If you're working on 'free from' products, developing new recipes, mixing new ingredients together, or looking at advances in food technology, packaging or processes, you are highly likely to have a claim for cash back. If you want to find out whether you’re eligible please contact Sue directly with no obligation at all. A ten minute chat could result in a £60,000 boost for your small business - that's the average paid out in 2020. 

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