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Cook books - the good, the bad and the ugly

Cook books - the good, the bad and the ugly

Duration: 33 minutes
  • Catherine Conway

Ollie Lloyd has a new ritual of dancing along to the catchy FoodTalk theme tune as we begin our recording. It's just too much for Sue, who thinks it's the worst example of ‘dad dancing’ ever seen, but we’ll let him off because we’ve got another great episode.

This week we're discussing our favourite cookbooks. Ollie explains his favourites and despite some fabulous examples there really are some bad ones out there too. Holly has some that are really close to her heart and Sue has a couple that no one else has ever heard of.

The cookbook topic is one of the many tangents we head down when we record these shows, but the real star this week is Catherine Conway – thanks to her amazing Unpackaged company.

We're long-term haters of single-use plastic, but we also understand that, as a consumer and retailer, it’s difficult to avoid. Unpackaged are helping clients to become ‘zero waste stores’ and on a smaller scale can supply refill systems for supermarkets, delis and farm shops.

Will we be going back to the days of taking along our own tubs, jars and bottles to be filled at our nearest food shop? And if so, how are the retailers going to cope? Don't even mention health and safety.

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