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A glass of milk a day . . .

A glass of milk a day . . .

Duration: 29 minutes
  • Dee Manford | Hinxden Farm Dairy

Sue and Jane rediscover the joys of milk. Proper milk that has been pasteurised and not homogenised like the supermarket stuff. It’s a revelation taking them both back to their childhood when doorstep deliveries in glass bottles was the norm and you got to drink a small bottle of free milk a day at school . . . well, that is until “Mrs Thatcher, milk snatcher” (as she was nicknamed then) took it all away.

Dee Manford of Hinxden Farm Dairy explains the difference between Guernsey and Holstein Fresian cows and how they get to make the marvellous white stuff that literally tastes of the countryside. Jane then gets all tongue-tied when it comes to tasting the double and single cream. Glorious, tongue coating heaven.

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