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Ben Branson: from Seedlip to Seasn and beyond

Ben Branson: from Seedlip to Seasn and beyond

Duration: 49 mins 50 seconds

Ben Branson is a true pioneer in the non-alcoholic drinks space. He created Seedlip, the first of the major brands in this sector, thus sparking an arms race and setting the stage for a new exciting era in the industry.

He chats with Ollie Lloyd on the FoodTalk Show about his home experimentation with herbs and a £50 home distilling kit, led to something bigger. Sometimes, things felt completely out of control, and rarely, for an entrepreneur, he does admit to hating these moments and actually wanting to close the business. But he persevered and ultimately sold the business to Diageo, that has allowed the brand to scale rapidly.

Not content with creating one iconic brand, he has now started something new, Seasn, that is as he describes it, the "Salt & Pepper" for drinks. He is taking on an industry that has been dominated by one player, Angostura, for ever but believes that now is the time for change. The brand offers two variants, one light and one dark, that you can splash into any drink or cocktail.

As if this isn't enough, he has recently set up a podcast, the Hidden 20%, that is trying to tell engaging stories about neurodiversity. Having recently being diagnosed with ADHD, he felt he had the opportunity to give back and encourage the 80% to understand more about Neurodiversity.

Edited by Stella Gent

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