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Chocolate without the milk

Chocolate without the milk

Duration: 29 Minutes
  • Adrian Ling | Plamil Foods
  • Janet Simpson | Goupie

Vegan chocolate? Is it a thing? It certainly is. Sue and Jane are bowled over by two producers who’ve been making vegan products for decades, well before ‘plant-based’ went mainstream. Apparently, milk chocolate (and some dark chocolate) contains milk powder which means they’re unsuitable for vegans. Not these delicious bites though. 

Adrian Ling, a life long vegan, talks about his father's truly visionary mission to replace the use of milk way back in the 1960's. Janet Simpson, founder of Goupie, explains how she started her company along with her husband, by usin her mother's famous family recipe. 

Meanwhile Sue and Jane tuck in to the dozens of samples their lovely guests brought along. 

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