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Doggie desserts for your pampered pooch

Doggie desserts for your pampered pooch

Duration: 29 minutes
  • Sally Newall | Simply Ice Cream
  • Keith Morrison | Solley's Ice Cream

Dog ice cream is a thing apparently. Just so you don't get confused we mean ice cream for dogs. You have to be careful to make sure the ingredients can be consumed by pooches obviously but they can be eaten by humans too. Enter Sally Newall of the multiple award winning Simply Ice Cream company who has just launched her first doggie ice cream. Susie and AJ have a taste and give it the thumbs up. They're also joined by Keith Morrison of Solley's Ice Cream and along with Sally they spend the rest of the show, well . . . just tasting a succession of new flavours until they run out of time. Hello summer.

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