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Fishy puns and a breakfast on a mission

Fishy puns and a breakfast on a mission

Duration: 1 hour

Paul Andrews is joined in the studio by Christie Ellis this week for a packed FoodTalk Show. 

In one hour, the topics ranged from Seafood to Apps and finally to Granola. There was even time for a few fish puns – no squidding. 

Juliette from Seafish UK has a chat, which is apt as its National Seafood Week. She tells all about the how much fish you should be having and which time of year to have them. Paul had some interesting calorific content of crab input and we heard all about the top ten super food fishes.

Nathalie from the Treat Out App, helps people with food allergies and intolerances determine which restaurant is best for them.

Helenor from Troo Granola talks about her success on Channel 4 cookery show ‘Come Dine With Me’, and how she is now conquering the world of missed breakfasts with her easy-to-use Granola Toasting kits.  Of course Christie and Paul had to sample a bowl-and in Pauls case two!

Next week it will be Brady joining Paul in the studio while Sue and Christie hit the road with a fantastic Unboxing event as part of London Food Tech week, be sure to listen-in for further details.

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