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Futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye shares her insights

Futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye shares her insights

Duration: 40 minutes

Dr Morgain Gaye is a leading food futurologist who helps brands and businesses to imagine what we might be eating in 5-10 years, joins Ollie Lloyd on the Food Talk Show. They discuss the latest and often contradictory trends, and how people’s aspirations and deeper beliefs are shaping their food choices.  

Dr Morgaine talks about the cultural shift around younger consumers who trust government and business less than previous generations. These younger audiences are examining brands in a more forensic manner looking closely at pack copy, judging the brand’s actions on social media and seeing if there are gaps between the stated aims of a brand and their actions. In a world where the search for meaning is top of many consumers’ agenda, she argues that brands that embrace kindness will be able to more deeply connect with their consumers. 

As we can see there is increasing innovation and research focused on the gut microbiome which will change how people will use “the apothecary of the future,” as Dr Morgaine calls the kitchen. In addition, our home-based rituals, shaped during lockdown, have encouraged people to seek more local solutions to their food needs. As is always the case habits and attitudes are shifting due to the complex situations that surround us and Dr Morgaine provides a deep insight into how brands need to think about these changes.

Edited by Stella Gent

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