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Gin, grappa and good advice

Gin, grappa and good advice

Duration: 1 hour
  • Cosmo Caddy - Still On The Move
  • Claire Brumby - The Food Guide

After a week of scary cold weather, we are ready to kick-start spring in the best possible way. We’ve got lots of booze to give us that warm fuzzy feeling and some great discussion to go with it.

Our first guest seemed to be on a mission to get us stinking drunk, he succeeded too.

Cosmo Caddy has founded Still On The Move – he has a unique vehicle which can travel anywhere in the UK to create your very own bespoke gin, flavoured with your choice of a variety of spices and botanicals. He also creates his very own Dappa Grappa. You understand how we got so drunk now, right?

While we were swaying left and right, we needed something to sober us up. Thankfully we had Claire Brumby on the case – and we had plenty of her crisps to eat during the break. Claire founded Scrubby’s Crisps, but now focuses on her fantastic food consultancy.

She has experienced all of the highs and lows of the industry – so there’s plenty of tips and advice to be taken from this one.

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