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Mrs Potato Head

Mrs Potato Head

Duration: 29 minutes
  • Nicky Crawley | The Potato Shop
  • Tracy Bush | Provenance Potatoes

The studio is full of potatoes today – different varieties, some roasted wedges and even a lemon drizzle cake made from the stuff. Sue admits to being a complete potato head and Jane eulogises at the sheer versatility of this humble tuber. As someone once said, “potatoes make chips, mash, dauphinoise, crisps and vodka. It’s like the other vegetables aren’t even trying”.

Nicky Crawley, the self-confessed 'Queen of all things potato", gives us the low down on heritage varieties and along with Tracy Bush they tell us what varieties to use depending on the dish. Want to know what will make the best creamy mash or the crispiest but fluffy roast potatoes? Listen in.

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