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Orlando Murrin, BBC Good Food to crime novels

Orlando Murrin, BBC Good Food to crime novels

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Orlando Murrin has one of those careers in food that makes anyone who loves food jealous. He started life working in lifestyle magazines and ended up on MasterChef as some of his friends thought he could cook, this was back in the Loyd Grossman days. This exposure led the powers that be at BBC Goodfood to think that he would make the perfect editor of their magazine. He then helped create Olive magazine, as he was irritated that he didn't get the license to edit Delicious Magazine!

After a while he decided to throw it all in and open a hotel restaurant in rural France. Many talk of leaving the rat race, but Orlando actually did and spent many years showing the French that the Brits can actually cook and that our food isn't revolting. He then decided to come back to the UK and open another hotel restaurant in Somerset.

His journey has clearly been a riot and he tells his story with humour and honesty. However, it is his latest adventure that is going to turn heads. He has now embarked on another career branch by writing a murder mystery novel about a chef who has an unexpected experience running a cooking school in Belgravia. Knife Crime for Beginners is out now and a second book is in the works. 

Edited by Stella Gent

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