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Pete Russell on a mission to help farmers

Pete Russell on a mission to help farmers

Duration: 25 mins

Pete Russell joins Ollie Lloyd on The FoodTalk Show to tell him about his mission to connect small scale farmers with their local consumers. As the founder of Ooooby, an online platform that provides the tools for farmers to manage fruit and veg boxes, he is passionate about finding a way to put customised technology into the hands of farms, in a way that creates a positive impact.

Already working with 70 farms and food hubs across the UK, his business is helping growers connect with local communities. He believes passionately that this model has the potential to create new employment opportunities on farms, help people get closer to the food they eat and also provide a new revenue stream for small scale growers. 

Many growers rely on a combination of WhatsApp, email lists, and stalls by the farm gate to sell the food they produce. Ooooby's technology is designed specifically for farmers and helps them manage and grow a local customer base of subscribers, thereby making it easier for growers to generate recurring revenues. He believes the platform has the potential to provide employment opportunities on farms, connect people to the food they eat and the people that grow it. 

Episode edited by Stella Gent

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