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The healthy alternative to olive oil

The healthy alternative to olive oil

Duration: 29 minutes
  • Claire Eckley | Eckley Farms
  • Eren Cayan | Kape

Jane and Sue are bowled over by the taste of some lovely Kentish rapeseed oil produced by Eckley Farms. Claire Eckley explains how it's made from farm to bottling. They discover it contains the lowest saturated fat content of any oil, with less than half that of Olive oil AND it contains 10 times more Omega 3 than Olive oil too. In addition it produces large amounts of nectar, particularly loved by honeybees. Well, why aren't we all using this beautiful #British made stuff? Later our presenters are wowed by the best walnuts they have ever tasted, when Eren Kape discusses his rather unique production process.

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