The healthy, low sodium alternative to salt

LoSalt is the perfect alternative to using regular table or sea salt.

We’re all well aware of the impact salt has on our health, and just how much salt is packed into certain foods that perhaps we were once unaware of.

The governments recommended daily allowance of salt for adults is 6g, thats 2.4g of sodium a day.

We’ve become so use to flavouring our food with salt and for certain recipes it’s required to create a dish, so what can you do to help lower your intake?

Switch to LoSalt, a hybrid mix of 66.6% potassium chloride and 33.3% sodium chloride for a healthier alternative to regular salt.

Not only will you be lowering your salt consumption but also gaining all important potassium into your diet which is a vital mineral the body needs.

You can find out more about LoSalt on their website.

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