Pots & Co

Restaurant quality desserts for you, at home

Pots & Co started back in 2012 when founder, Julian, escaped the restaurant world, and began hand-making exceptional potted desserts using the finest ingredients – bringing restaurant quality desserts to the people, at home. 

That was over 10 years ago and today it’s exactly what they still doThey still use the finest ingredients such as Fino de Aroma Cocoa from Colombia; only the top 8% of cocoa in the world can carry the Fino de Aroma badgeIt’s also sustainably crafted and deliciousThey also only use French fruit puréesWhyBecause their Chefs say, ‘they’re the best’And they never use artificial preservatives, as they just don’t taste as good.  

They make all their desserts by hand, developed by Michelin-trained chefs who spend hours in the kitchen creating the delicious desserts.  

There is one thing that has changed over the years and that’s the pots – from beautiful ceramic to beautiful glass. They now serve their delicious desserts in reusable and fully recyclable glass pots, so that you can now recycle your pots in your household recycling box.   

Their delicious handmade desserts are now sold in the US, the UK and in Japan. 

Visit the Pots & Co website and listen again to Fraser on the podcast. 

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