From painter and decorator to dessert revolutionary

Pleesecakes is run by Joe Moruzzi – up until a few years ago Joe was painting and decorating full-time. He created Pleesecakes and after becoming an overnight Instagram sensation, hung up his paint splattered overalls and embarked on bringing his cheesecakes to the masses. 

For the past 6 years they’ve been known as Pleesecakes but in 2023 they decided to rebrand as PLEESE! In doing this they are optimising their product range, passion, and community to become the world’s most exciting dessert brand! 

To kick off their world domination, they have started with Freezecakes, the world's first frozen cheesecake - this is not another tub of ice cream on the shelf. Made with the smoothest, silkiest cheesecake swirled with intensely indulgent sauces and crunchy textures throughout! 

Visit the Pleese website and listen again to Joe on the podcast.

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