Scandi Kitchen

Where to find authentic Scandinavian food in the midst of London

Bronte Aurell was born in Denmark but has for decades made her home in the UK where she set up her food business ScandiKitchen together with her Swedish husband Jonas 11 years ago. Since then, she has written six books about Scandinavian food and culture (covering everything from cakes to nature's finest, to hygge and how to live like a Scandinavian). 

She is featured regularly in the press and on national TV. They have found a great team of people and opened their doors just off Oxford Street to teach the citizens of London that open sandwiches are a super-tasty and healthy way to lunch. ScandiKitchen is all about bringing the best of Nordic cuisine to the UK. Ollie and Sue want to know whether hygge is about lazing around drinking beer in your underpants or is it something completely different - listen again to find out! 

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