Sprouts that are naturally high in protein, fibre and other micronutrients

Ratna Bhusal talks to the presenting team about sprouts. No, not Brussel sprouts but the type of sprouts that are seeds that germinate to become young plants after a few days. These type of sprouts have been eaten by humans for over 5,000 years, though they are still relatively unknown to many people. Ollie learns how versatile they are as an ingredient in salads, soups, pasta sauces, wraps and stir-fries. Find out more about Sproutd here, and even though sprouts are relatively unknown in the UK they are part of a staple diet in many countries such as China and India. It’s been gaining in popularity in America and Canada in the last few decades too. Listen again as the team try the whole range including sprouted chickpeas, lentils, radish, beetroot, fennel and red cabbage.

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