Barries Mayo

Two friends on a mission to create the best tasting plant-based mayo

Turning a childhood obsession into a fast-growing food business, Ned and Roddy of Barries know a few things about how to whip up excitement in the competitive world of condiments.  Launching with its range of five gourmet varieties of vegan mayo, Barries was founded out of a love of mayonnaise and mission to offer a better tasting version than existing plant-based options.

They also wanted to create some fun flavours and offer something for everyone. What really inspired them was the level of interest and positivity they receive at home and from friends for the different flavours! 

Barries are making what they believe to be the next generation of vegan mayonnaise. Flavour and texture are a big part of what makes them different, and they are all about innovation and will keep working and improving their recipes until they are the best!

Visit the Barries Mayo website and listen again to Roddy on the podcast.

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