Bee Bee Wraps

Make sure you stock the new weapon fighting plastic waste

Who’s the hero?

Kath Austin is the person behind the most amazing beeswax-based product called Bee Bee Wraps – it’s fully reusable, washable and it actually keeps food better for longer too.

BeeBee Wraps was started in her kitchen, out of a desire to drastically reduce the amount of single-use plastic that her household was consuming. According to the company’s website, a friend of Kath introduced her to the idea that people have used beeswax coated cotton to preserve their food for centuries - and the rest was history.

Kath has a background in fundraising and marketing, particularly working with charities and community groups. She has a long-standing desire to break the mould and do the impossible, particularly around environmental issues - where people may not understand the power they hold in their hands, or in their kitchens.  


What’s their superpower?

We all saw Blue Planet, right? We’re all committed to saving the Turtles from swimming in an ocean full of plastic. It can be so difficult to make changes, though. Well, not anymore, thanks to the work that Kath is doing with BeeBee Wraps.

The wraps themselves are reusable beeswax food wraps, made from organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. All of these materials will biodegrade and return to nature without a trace - reducing the impact on the environment, without affecting our ability to efficiently store food. In fact, food is kept fresher for longer thanks to the breathable seal that the wraps provide, with no plastic chemicals impacting the food.

If properly looked after, the BeeBee Wraps last up to twelve months, after which you can throw them on a compost heap or use them as firelighters - maintaining the zero waste core value.

Find out more

Why would you even want to stick with cling film? Find out more about the wraps by listening to the podcast and visiting their website.

Alternatively, tell us why you’re our next food hero by getting in touch with one of our friendly producers today.

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