Vegan products you never knew were vegan

Biff’s was founded by Biff and Christa Bloom-Burrows in 2016. Long-time vegan Christa finally managed to convince dedicated burger-obsessive (and former McDonald’s manager) Biff to make the jump to a fully plant based diet. But, after suffering a string of sad bean burgers that would never inspire anyone to ditch meat, Biff realised that if he wanted to replicate the tastes, textures and downright dirty food he was craving, he’d need to make it himself. So Biff and Christa decided to create a better alternative. After months perfecting  secret recipes, they bought a van instead of a house and started a street food stall called Biff’s Jack Shack. They quickly grew and now you will find them all over Waitrose. Find out more about Biff's here and listen again to Biff's take on plant-based food. 

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