Blackthorn Salt

Why Blackthorn Salt is something quite incredible

In order to make their beautiful salt, the Blackthorn Salt team rely on each of The Elements - Water, Air, Earth and Fire - to come together uniquely in order to create this fabulous ingredient. Standing, just yards from the ill-fated and ill-named wreck of the Kaffir, it is a monument to remind us not to take such elements for granted. Susie and Jane admit that they don't really know anything about salt, except our bodies need it but not too much. Is there any difference between common old table salt and seasalt or rocksalt? How is it 'made'? Luckily they have Gregorie Marshall of Blackthorn Salt on hand to explain how they make this amazing stuff up in Ayr. The story of salt is truly fascinating. Visit their website here and why not listen again to Gregorie on our podcast. 

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