Cellar Head Brewery

The award-winning independent microbrewery

Cellar Head Brewing Company is an award-winning independent microbrewery founded by Chris and Julia McKenzie in 2017. They use traditional brewing methods to produce a varied range of modern beers using the finest of English grown malts and hops as well as selected high quality hops from around the world and their own strain of historic Sussex live yeast. 

They produce a core range of beers from modern American style pale ales to traditional best bitters, and seasonal brews including green hopped beers and dark stouts. Their bottled beers undergo a natural secondary fermentation in the bottle, so no priming or forced carbonation, which results in a light fizz that gives a more refined texture and mouthfeel. Listen again as Chris explains how he brews his special beers while Jane gives us a whistle stop tour of the different type of beer styles. 

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