Dr. Will's

Condiments with a dollop of common sense

Dr Will’s was started in 2015 by real life doctor, Dr. Will - a real doctor who really loves food!

They are on mission to make sure their sauce makes food better in every way, so all their sweetness comes from natural sources, using dates, tomatoes, and apples.

It stemmed from a story Dr. Will was told about parents having to add sugary ketchup to get their children to eat their vegetables. To Dr. Will, this just didn’t add up; there had to be a better way.

They needed condiments that could stand up proudly on the shelf, shouting LOUD about all of their natural ingredients - condiments that didn’t sit heavy on the conscience and could be added with abandon. Dr. Will’s all natural condiments were created!

Dr. Will isn’t here to prescribe you a daily diet of clean eating kale salads, he’s just here to help you enjoy the food you want, without adding the junk you don’t. These sauces are the humble sidekick to your hero daily dishes - the ketchup, mayo or BBQ sauce that makes good food GREAT.

Condiments with a dollop of common sense!

Visit the Dr Will’s website and listen again to Liam on the podcast.

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