The man behind possibly the best hot chocolate in the world

Founder Jens Knoop has had a strong relationship with chocolate since his childhood in rural Germany. In 2013, he decided to share his passion and opened the first Knoops store in Rye, East Sussex. 

Since then, Jens has gone on to open more Knoops stores, built a team of chocolate lovers around him, developed an at-home range of chocolate flakes, and even released a chocolate cookbook. 

The Knoops concept is based around their carefully curated percentage menu which offers chocolates to suit every taste and mood. 

They find joy in helping you to discover your perfect chocolate drink and encourage experimentation with different % chocolates and flavours in a process they call ‘Knoopology’. This process is simple; choose your chocolate %, milk (dairy and plant-based), and extra flavours like sea salt, orange zest or chilli to be made into a hot chocolate, milkshake or iced chocolate. 

Visit the Knoops website here and listen again to Jens on the podcast.

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