Mr Lee's Noodles

These are the real Super Noodles

If you did a survey of people’s foodie guilty pleasures in this country, I reckon a Pot Noodle would feature pretty high. We have a message for the UK – it’s time to stop!

We met Damien from Mr Lee’s Noodles and, wow, we are converted. They are cooking instant noodles, with actual real ingredients and it tastes real too – a million miles from the not-so SuperNoodles.

Mr Lee has an amazing story to tell around the circumstances of the company’s birth too. Make sure you listen back to the podcast and visit his website.

****We welcomed Damien back on to the show after he entered his new noodle kiosk into the FoodTalk Awards. We were blown away by the technology and he deservedly picked up a gold medal. Listen to the story behind his kiosk, right here.****


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