North Charcuterie

The Spanish inspired English charcuterie

Bill Gardner of North Charcuterie makes Spanish-inspired products. This passion originated from the time he spent in Andalusia and the Sierra Nevada mountains. He produces chorizo, coppa, salchichon, sobrasada, fuet, lomo and jamón. He uses as many good quality British ingredients as possible, but his paprika is designated Pimentón de la Vera and is sourced from a small independent producer in Spain.

His beautifully made products include a unique Birch and Black Pepper salami featuring UK produced birch syrup and his own black pepper mix. The birch provides a unique savoury note to the sweet pork and is a contrast to the warmth of the combination of two specific black peppers. 

He has a vast array of products for Sue and Jane to taste. Listen again to their reaction and find out more about North Charcuterie here

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