Oink and Udder

The totally ethical pig farmers

Chloe and David Wilcock believe in the value of quality ingredients traceable back to their source. Organic is at the heart of their ethos.

This isn’t just about the food they produce. Organic is a way of working and living in harmony with nature. The result is healthy soil, which grows healthy plants and animals, which make for healthy people. By not using synthetic inputs and encouraging natural systems, they hope to create a better future for people, animals, and the environment.

Their pigs live happy, outdoor lifestyles. They move regularly on pasture during the spring and summer and root around woodchip piles and orchards during the autumn and winter.

They also have a breeding herd of Anglo-Nubian goats producing the most wonderful milk. Listen to the podcast again and find out more about Oink and Udder here



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