The mother-of-two creating a healthier chocolate snack for her children

Dubbed as the ‘kindest chocolate brand on the planet’, Playin Choc entered the market in 2018 with its innovative Endangered ToyChoc Box. The 100% recyclable, zero waste and plastic-free box contains two allergen-free organic chocolates, a card puzzle toy and an educational fun facts card. 

Playin Choc was founded in 2017 by Maya Simler. The mother-of-two was looking for a healthier chocolate snack for her children and, at the same time, was concerned about the use of single-use plastic and excessive packaging in both the confectionery and toy markets. 

Aiming to combine taste, creativity and sustainability, she developed a range of products which are suitable for children over the age of three. The portfolio features organic chocolate and environmentally-friendly, educational toys. 

Playin Choc boasts its own Salsa-certified artisan facility in the UK. Its vegan recipe is free-from 14 of the main allergens, including dairy, nut, soy and gluten. 

The chocolates combine three natural and organic plants: gently roasted cacao, from a small family-owned farm collectives in Peru, Madagascan Bourbon vanilla and vitamin-rich coconut. 

Visit the Playin Choc website here and listen again to Maya on the podcast. 

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