Ramsgate Brewery

Balance is everything in a beer

To Eddie Gadd who owns Ramsgate Brewery, balance is everything, in a beer, and in a brewery. He's learnt to mix innovation and change with custom and consistency. They have regular beers they’ve been making for years, are well loved and available all year round. They’re predominantly Kentish style ales showcasing local hop varieties, such as the classic Northdown, and the peerless East Kent Golding.

But they also make 'irregular' beers, that appear just once or twice a year, drawn from a broader pantheon of beer styles, they feature some of those hops and malts that make for a delicious contrast to the daily pint. And to keep things moving along they have their Small Batch Project, where they create prototype beers. Listen again as Eddie explains how he brews his beer while Jane gives us a lesson on hops and the differences between beer styles. 

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