Reginald Ames

Tea merchants and brokers since 1919

When tracing the roots of their company, the guys at (what is now named) Reginald Ames stumbled across some tea-stained and dusty paperwork originating from the London Tea Auctions. They discovered the earliest mention of a well-respected gentleman going by the name of Mr Reginald Ames. He was engaged in the purchase of several chests of the highest quality teas as far back as 1919. Since then the company has grown and diversified and now works with some of the worlds most prestigious brands, hoteliers, catering outlets, supermarkets and shop chains as well as a multitude of independent stores. They are known for their contract packing of teas in Large Leaf Pyramid and Square Teabags, Tag and Envelope Paper Teabags, Square Paper Teabags and, of course, Loose Leaf Teas and Infusions. You can find out more about them here and listen again to Nick Gandon give his expert advice on all things tea.

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