Simply Roasted

Your favourite crisps, simply, roasted

Simply Roasted are here to change the crisps we eat, for the better, forever. They believe they’ve found a better way to make crisps, with everything you want (taste, crunch, satisfaction) and less of what you don’t want (calories, fat, salt). They’re very new but have big plans! 

The difference is in the ovens. They use one-of-a-kind ovens to roast their crisps, rather than frying them in oil, there’s nothing else like simply roasted on the market. Triple cooked, only 3g of fat and under 99 calories per serving.  

They use the best British potatoes available, as locally grown as possible, planted and grown using regenerative farming practices. The potatoes are harvested and delivered to their factory in Norfolk. There, they wash and slice the potatoes into real, skin-on, thick-cut crisps. Seasoned to perfection, using no artificial flavours they are packaged up, sealed and ready for delivery to your favourite shop or direct to your door! 

Visit the Simply Roasted website and listen again to Nat on the podcast. 

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