Meet the best friend team fighting food waste with fruit jerky

We chatted to Michael Minch-Dixon from Snact who, bothered by how the UK has gone from food rationing to excessive food waste in less than 50 years, has created a delicious, healthy fruit jerky made from discarded nutritious food waste.

He explains how on their first venture to Spitalfield markets they were stunned by the obscene amount of healthy fruit being throw away and how it inspired them to work with farmers across the country to help reduce food wastage and produce their jerky. The jerky comes in three flavours; Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Mango and Blueberry & Banana.

Want to find out more? Check out Snact here and their podcast here

***Two years and one FoodTalk Award down the line, we caught up with Michael again to discuss the growing issue of food waste. Snact have worked on compostable packaging, but the big boys aren't doing the same. 

Catch our latest chat with Michael here.

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