Solley's Ice Cream

Ice cream made from Guernsey milk on a family farm

Having been the home to the Solley family’s herd of Guernsey cows since the 1930’s, over the years the local milk rounds began to slow under increasing pressure from the supermarkets and in 1985 Stephen Solley began looking for ways to add value to the milk.

Guernsey milk is ideal for ice cream due to its high cream content, and so the first batches of Solley’s Ice Cream were made. Demand for the farm’s ice cream soon outstripped supply and the decision was taken to sell the dairy cows to allow this side of the business to expand. Today, milk from neighbouring farms is used to make the ice cream and 85% of their base ingredients are sourced locally. They have grown to become the South East’s largest independent producer of real dairy ice cream, now run by Stephen’s son in law and daughter Keith and Katie Morrison it is going from strength to strength. 

Visit their farm, order their ice cream and find out about them at their website and listen again to Keith on our podcast. 

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