Tasty Mates

Two mates creating meaningful connections through tasty treats

Tasty Mates was founded by two mates – Joe and Nick - who sought to portray their mates in sweets. That’s why each packet of Tasty Mates has a unique flavour relating to a personality trait found in many a friendship group. Whether you’re one half of The Perfect Pear, or The Berry Funny One, there is a flavour for you. 

Tasty Mates is about creating meaningful connections with mates. Whether that's checking in on friends, catching up with family or even just buying a pack of sweets for a friend! Tasty Mates aims to create positive impact through friendship groups. 

Tasty Mates are committed to donating a percentage of profits to charity with the aim of getting a fixed figure which is given annually. At present, Tasty Mates donate to two chosen charities: Mind and Crisis. 

Visit the Tasty Mates website here and listen again to Joe on the podcast.

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